Seminar Report: Charlie Page @ Inaka Dojo

There was a huge turnout for Charlie Page of Baltimore Aikido at Inaka Dojo, their best attended seminar to date.  In addition to the group from the CAC aikidoka from Milwaukee, Madison, Missouri, Tennessee and the Aikikai were there.

There were two Nidan tests, Dale Matthies and Dan Pierson. They both did a very good job.  Jo and Yuki sat and adjudicated the tests along with Charlie Page, Wendy Whited, Robin Cooper and Kevin Choate. Eric Novac who recently received his Sandan demonstrated his skills following the tests.  Dwight Sora, Andy Vitale, Jason Shadday, John Gralton and Steve Matthews all assisted in the testing by taking ukemi.

Jo Takehara was impressed with what Charlie Page was demonstrating and stated that there was much value to seminars like this.

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