Midwest Bridge Seminar – An Aiki-Teen’s Perspective

Photo of Cheyenne, Emily, Heather and Andrea of West Bend Aikido

Emily, Andrea, Hiroshi Ikdea Shihan, Cheyenne & Heather

This last weekend most of the members of my dojo and I went to the Midwest Aikido Bridge Seminar. It was quite a unique experience to work with many diverse people all of whom bring a different challenge to overcome. This has shown me that I should be more open to techniques and not to expect what they’re going to do. Cheyenne, Emily, Spencer, Heather and I went to the seminar on Saturday and Sunday, so unfortunately we missed some awesome teachers but we all really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot from the teachers we did see.

Lately at my home dojo, I’ve been told that I need to connect more with my partner during techniques. Participating in Choate Sensei’s classes has helped with my connection and following/ feeling where my partner is going. Using the ticking to pace the movement really helped Eric Sensei and I to control the tempo of our technique. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. That and seeing Cheyenne’s face after Ikeda Shihan used her for a technique.

Also, Eric Sensei has been teaching us the movements he has been learning from Ikeda Shihan. So it was pretty cool to get firsthand experience with it.  We, the students at West Bend, all really liked learning about moving one’s center and channeling one’s energy through elbows and hands.

We also really liked being taught by Brown Sensei because of how similar her techniques and movements are to Wendy Sensei’s. Because it’s truly awesome to be the newest Aikido generation and to see and experience the many different ways of Aikido practiced by our ‘Aikido parents.’ This seminar was pretty awesome and I can’t wait for next year!

Andrea Ayers – Aikido of West Bend

Andrea Ayers is one of Eric Novak’s students at;

Aikido of West Bend
1305 E Decorah Rd
East Wrestling Room
West Bend WI 53095-4399
Tuesdays and Fridays 6:30-8 PM

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