Fujima Ryu 36th Annual Recital

Fujima RyuFujima Ryu of Chicago Japanese classical dance troupe invites the public to its 36th annual recital on Sunday, October 14 at 1:00pm at Northside College Preparatory School, 5501 N. Kedzie Avenue, Chicago.  Fujima Ryu is led by founder and artistic director Fujima Shunojo, who taught in Tokyo for several years before introducing the legendary Fujima Ryu (school/style) to Chicago.  Mr. Fujima has appeared internationally and throughout the Midwest, performing in major venues, college and university campuses, such as Tokyo National Theater, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Cultural Center, Orchestra Hall, and the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2005, he became a resident artist at the Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago, helping to establish the organization as a leading center for Japanese and Japanese American cultural arts.

Fujima Ryu was established in the Hoei era (1704-15) by the choreographer Kambei I and continued through seven generations of headmasters until the Meiji era (1868-1912) when it lapsed for a time because it lacked a male successor.  When it revived, one of its main branches was headed by Fujima Kan’emon V, who succeeded his father as headmaster in 1979.  Today, the school is still maintained by descendants of the Fujima family.

For more information, call (773) 606-1956

Sunday, October 14 at 1:00pm
Northside College Preparatory School,
5501 N. Kedzie Avenue, Chicago 60625

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Chicago Aikido Club is non-profit organization dedicated to the free and creative exploration of Aikido in all its aspects – martial, physical and spiritual.
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