Kennan Purdy Sensei – 60 years in Aikido

Friendship-style seminar Saturday, December 7th

Kennan PurdyKennan Purdy Sensei began his aikido training in 1953 while stationed in Japan at the U.S. Naval base. His primary training was with Hideo Okumura sensei at a Shinto temple in Sasebo, Japan. Seigo Yamaguchi sensei would come down from Tokyo on a regular basis to teach seminars for the dojo in Sasebo, and occasionally Purdy sensei and his teacher would travel up to Tokyo to train at the old Hombu building. When he received his nidan certificate in 1957 Okumura sensei arranged for him to have tea with O-Sensei. At the time the only other foreigner training in Tokyo was Andre Nocquet, from France, the first foreign uchi deshi. Purdy Sensei returned home in 1958.

In the early 1960’s Purdy sensei affiliated with Isao Takahashi sensei and founded the Wausau Aikido Club at the YMCA there. Sensei would regularly go to the Illinois Aikido Club in Chicago and also host Takahashi sensei at the YWCA aikido club until Takahashi sensei’s passing in 1971. He also formed close ties with Norio Mamura sensei in Milwaukee and Clyde Takeguchi sensei in Madison.

After Takahshi sensei’s passing Purdy Sensei joined the Midwest Aikido Federation under Akira Tohei sensei and was affiliated with him for quite some time. He continued to run the dojo at the YMCA in Wausau, Wisconsin and helped organize the first aikido summer camp in the Midwest at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. During the mid 1980’s due to some pressure from the YMCA organization the dojo was moved to the Midway Elementary School in Gleason, Wisconsin where Purdy Sensei lives.

In 2001 Purdy sensei joined ASU under Saotome Sensei. Classes continued at the school in Gleason until 2005 when Sensei and his wife Dora purchased the building in Merrill where the club is now located.

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
One-hour sessions
Lunch Break at 12:00 p.m.

406 West Main Street
Merrill, Wisconsin 54452


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