Happy 84th Takehara Sensei

The Man

Dr. Joe Takehara (竹原譲), senior instructor of Chicago Aikido Club (CAC) and a founding member of the original Illinois Aikido Club celebrated his 84th birthday on Saturday, April 4 at a party organized by his daughter Susanne. The lively gathering was attended by members from the CAC, as well as members of the Milwaukee Aikido Club, Chicago Aikikai and Ravenswood Shorin-ryu Karate Dojo.  Happy Birthday Takehara Sensei!!


Ellen Fitzmorris and Trevor Clarke              Andrew Vitale, Sol Mayorga and Leo Hinami

Helen and JoeThe Tran Family

Helen Nagata and Joe Takehara              Ai Tran, Hai Tran and Mika Hinami

YukiAndy and Stephanie

The ageless Yuki Hara                              Andrew Vitale and Stephanie Folk


Cyrill Oseledets                                 The Organizer! (Susanne Takehara)

Eric and DanielJim and Mika

Eric Castillo and Daniel Braithwaite                      Jim Carr and Mika Hinami


           Ewa Mierzejewska

The Buffet

The spread! (Daniel Braithwaite, Susanne Takehara and Erik Matsunaga)

Enjoying the spread

Ewa Mierzejewska, Ai Tran and Joanne Doi


The lighting of the cake                              The presentation of the cake


“Let me show you how it’s done, kid”                            “Breath . . . . ”


Mika Hinami assisting

Good Times

Good times (Yuki Hara, Elizabeth Margetich, Ellen Fitzmorris, Helen Nagata)


Dwight Sora and Joe Takehara

Debbi and YukiYuki and Bob

Debra Mamura-Beltier and Yuki Hara                    Yuki Hara and Bob Mita

Keiki, Ivayvo and Peter

Keiki Hinami, Ivaylo Evtimov and Peter Georgiev


 Leo Hinami


About ChicagoAikidoClub

Chicago Aikido Club is non-profit organization dedicated to the free and creative exploration of Aikido in all its aspects – martial, physical and spiritual.
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2 Responses to Happy 84th Takehara Sensei

  1. May 30 ,2017 My name is Ronale Urasaki ,son of Harold Urasaki and I’m trying to get hold of Yuki Hara. If you receive this msg please have Yuki text me. I’m unable to reach her with the phone number she gave me. Thanks , Ronale

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