Pics from 2017 Illinois Martial Arts Hall of Fame Banquet

The Illinois Martial Arts Hall of Fame held its annual banquet on Saturday, April 1 at Abbington Distinctive Banquets in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Chicago Aikido Club senior instructor Joe Takehara was among this year’s inductees, sharing the stage with 17 other notable martial instructors, students and competitive athletes recognized for both their individual achievements as well as contributions to the greater martial arts community.

Program book: cover, list of inductees, Takehara’s entry


Signing the commemorative banner (with students Joanne Doi, Luke Sims and Kendrick Suenaga)
JT6036Takehara with members of his family


With students and friends (L to R, back row: Luke Sims, Erik Matsunaga, Christine Matsunaga, Dwight Sora, Joanne Doi, Kendrick Suenaga; front row: David Babbitt, Joe Takehara, Phil Marmet, Maggie Marmet)
Speech and award time (with organizers Pete Hoffman and Mike McNamera)
JT6262The 2017 inductees


Saying congratulations (L to R; back row: Jim Moy, Erik Matsunaga, Luke Sims, David Babbitt, Phil Marmet, Kendrick Suenaga, Jim Carr; front row: Joanne Doi, Joe Takehara, Dwight Sora, Christine Matsunaga)

Photos courtesy of Jim Moy


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1 Response to Pics from 2017 Illinois Martial Arts Hall of Fame Banquet

  1. John Zurisk says:

    Dr. Takehara, it was a pleasure to meet you and to be counted alongside you as an inductee. I wish you the very best!

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