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Some belated news. The father of Douglas Tono, head instructor of Tohkon Judo Academy (where Chicago Aikido Club is based) passed away on Sunday, November 1. Jack Kiyoto Tono was born and raised in California. He was interned at the Heart Mountain Internment Camp during WWII and was part of what is now known as the “Heart Mountain 63” (internment resisters). A celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2015 at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago, 1151 W. Leland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640. Visitation will be from 1:00pm to 2:30pm followed by a service at 2:30pm. For information, please call the Buddhist Temple of Chicago at 773/334-4661.


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Quick announcement before Thanksgiving. Class at CAC is cancelled this Friday (November 27) for the holiday weekend. However, Takehara Sensei will be teaching at 11:30 am on Sunday (November 28).


For all those attending the annual Thanksgiving weekend seminar with Mitsugi Saotome Shihan at Chicago Aikikai, hope to see you there!

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MOA-Jamie Zimron Sensei Presentation

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Martial Arts / Combat Systems as Sports

Source: Martial Arts / Combat Systems as Sports

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Aikido, Anger and Dr David Banner

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Hopefully you are familiar with Dr David Banner and his transformation as a result of the manifestation of Anger into the Incredible Hulk; – Indeed – “Mr McGee, don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”!

Those that follow the series will be aware of the various efforts that Dr David Banner goes through to try and suppress his anger as he works towards finding a cure. A cure that might release him from the burden that he carries of his both his transformation into the Incredible Hulk and the burden of not knowing if the Hulk is responsible for the death of his colleague Dr Elaina Harding Marks. –“ A murder which David Banner can never prove he or the creature didn’t commit. So he must let the world go on thinking that he, too, is dead, until he can find a way to control the…

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Training when you are broke

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So what happens if you are keen to learn self defence or take martial arts / combat training if you are down on your luck and out of cash?

This is a problem that affects more people than perhaps many of us realise, it can also be the reason that some of those faces that you used to see at your club are no longer there any more, although if you meet them in the street they are unlikely to tell you that is the case. There is no shame to me in admitting that you are struggling financially, yet to many others, the social stigma is incredibly hard to overcome.

So as usual for dontmakemeangrymrmcgee, here comes another # list of action points about what you can do about it.

#1 GET THE RIGHT HELP, I can’t stress this enough, This is the most important point, suck up…

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Visit from Ravenswood Shorin-ryu Karate Dojo (Friday, August 15)


Tomorrow we will be joined on the mat by Erik Matsunaga and members of Ravenswood Shorin-ryu Karate Dojo.
Previously, their dojo hosted a special visit by Joe Takehara Sensei. Erik is also the author of a profile of Takehara Sensei in Nikkei Chicago.
Class will be split in half, with Erik teaching an introduction to karate.


11885668_664795760322711_3702621956503978451_oPost-class gathering at Konak’s in Andersonville. Left to Right: Ryan Yokota, Andrew Vitale, Erik Matsunaga, Joe Takehara, Dwight Sora.

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Where to Get a Training Uniform


One of Chicago Aikido Club‘s local suppliers for dogi training uniforms, East West Martial Arts Supply, recently closed one of its long-standing locations on the north side of the city. This prompted a search for additional suppliers. A number of good stores and companies were recommended by club members and friends at other dojo, and have been compiled here for anyone interested. (Chicago-area businesses have been highlighted)

Bujin Design

Century Martial Arts

Choi Brothers (Chicago)


Judo Inc.

KI International Corporation

Kiyota Company, Inc. [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

KPM SUPPLY (Franklin Park)

Military Arts Institute (maintains former inventory of East West Martial Arts) (Chicago)
6001 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 381-7765 (Call for Mr. Shin and arrange a time to meet)


Although East West Martial Arts has closed its location at 2024 West Balmoral, the company is still in operation through Military Arts Institute (as stated above) and through their website at

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Samurai Saturday (Saturday, August 22)


Inaka Dojo, 704 Dixie Highway, Beecher, IL 60401, United States

Head Instructor Wendy Whited invites everyone to join in a special class with a focus on training for Shodan (first degree black belt) testing. Sessions begin at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. All levels welcome. Fee: $25.00. Please RSVP For more information visit:

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“Chop ‘Til You Drop” (Saturday, August 1, Starts at 11:00 AM)


Abiding Spirit Center

1540 Carlemont Dr, Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014

The Abiding Spirit Center, home to our friends Abiding Spirit Aikikai (led by Lisa Tomoleoni), is holding a fundraiser for a new space. All aikidoka are invited to join in executing 1,000 suburi (sword cuts) to raise $10,000 so the dojo can move and build out their new space. Contributions may be made via Paypal to (Abiding Spirit Center is a 501c3 organization, so all contributions are tax deductible). Abiding Spirit Aikikai has been home to a number of notable events in recent years, including the annual Midwest Bridge Seminar and weekend seminars with Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan. The Center also provides a variety of health services and other programs, including free programs for the area teen center, work with an area organization to offer free mindfulness training workshops, providing free health care treatments to cancer survivors, free empowerment workshops for abuse survivors, free health care to caregivers of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and many more such activities. For details, visit or Facebook.

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